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    lunar phases

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Boy do sperm ever have a biological clock.

Heidi Blanchard

I think about that so often now that I have Lily... it can all go so fast, you really have to cut out all the b.s. and focus on what you love. It's hard to do that sometimes though with all of the outside stimulus that pulls us in and takes our time.
Nice network bro! - Heidi

Michael Bercovich


I really think you guys have done something here.Once you can get more unique hits you might be on to something

Judy Jones

Hey, I think this is great....I can't wait to see the responses. I, too, feel that family is all important and I don't like to hang out with negative people. that's why I hang out with Lily....what's this about a horse ride across North America? Cool!
Judy Jones Lasher

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