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Mike Giese

Dude, you should have your hand on your cell phone or blackberry at all times, and pretend you are reading a text/e-mail until the very moment you pass the person and then say hi. problem solved.

Matt Lee

Dude, I have the exact same problem at work. Here's how I deal with it:

If it's a friend, I mess with them. I have maybe 10 poses (kind of like your moonwalk idea) in the back of my mind that are pretty funny and I throw in one or two of them as I walk down the long hall. Be creative: sometimes I walk like a robot/army soldier, do the pageant queen wave, wave in as big of a circle as possible, do an out-of-date dance move (a lesser-movement version), flip them off, randomly point at something behind them so that they look, or shoot at them with corny finger-guns. I might also try mirroring them with how they wave/walk/ or any other mannerisms, especially if it's a girl that waves extra girly.

If it's an older co-worker with no sense of humor I'll do what Mike said, pull out my blackberry and look at what appointments I have next. Sometimes I'll squint, pretending I'm not sure if it's them - and then just wave as I turn into my cubicle area. Luckily, in my building, there are fliers for fundraisers, retirement parties, workplace info, and slides all over the hallways. I'll glance at those as I walk by.

If there are no advertisements and I don't have my blackberry, I'll just go ahead and stare. Studies show that men think of it as a sign of strength and won't get offended. For women though, you have to look away every once in awhile.

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