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I feel like the image above describes all that is hot and sexy about two girls kissing.

Women are beautiful – raw sex without all that hair getting in the way.

Soft and delicate - rose petals, soft sheets, and a light graze of the small of her back

Yet still…

Erotic and passionate – a hard and loving nibble of the lower lip; just enough to portray to her partner she’s turned on and craves more (without licking her entire face clean of her make-up). The firm but light grip of the neck to let her know not only who is in charge of pleasuring her body, but also she is confident in getting the job done. And finally the embrace – you can feel the desire they have for each other and how they can’t drink each other in fast enough.

So I must agree with Amy, although making out with your BF may be fun, and quite honestly pretty damn hot – I can’t imagine life without the penis.

Now if I could just find a guy that could kiss me like that….. ;-)

Allen Garrick

Very intriguing; you are, of course, referring to the Kinsey Scale when debating the levels of homo and heterosexuality, correct?

While agree with you that there is a level of curiosity and even attraction to both same and opposite sex, my own experiences have shown me that at the end of the day, most bisexuals fall to the same side of the scale. bisexual men tend to stay homosexual, while bisexual women tend to marry a man and lead a straight life. Perhaps there is a great magnetic pull towards the penis, and anyone who gets to close gets sucked in, but I doubt it.

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