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Many thanks for the blog on Mockingbirds. I thought I was going nuts with this one bird imitating that car alarm. I saw the mocking bird on top of the tree in broad daylight and I went through my house looking for anything to kill it with and then the movie 'To Kill A Mockingbird' hit me. Incredible that more people don't know about this Mockingbird.

Many thanks again.


Yeah Tim no problem. I've since moved to San Francisco (at the time of the post I was living in Davis) and I thought I had rid myself of the mockingbird curse forever. Low and behold I have another friend outside my window now. Maybe my pheromones attract mockingbirds or maybe there are a lot more mockingbirds than I realize and less people that complain about it than I do.


I've literally going nuts w/the one in my neighborhood. It actually echoes between houses and fences. I hear it's against federal law to kill them, but after a little research (google), it _sounds_ like I've got a couple of options.

One couple in MN found that they're attracted to shiny/bright colored objects and actually caught one in a bird trap w/a simple piece of bright yellow colored fabric w/in a bird trap (they called it a livetrap.)

I'm also reading that they like fruit such as raisins, sliced apple and banana. I can't wait to get a live trap and some bait. :D

Eric Jones

So Rob what do you do with the birds after catching them?

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