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hi amy'm from Brazil 21 years I have brown, green eyes, 1.75 cm in height, black hair smooth, do not have disease ... and then what do you think?


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Damn. You are living at least half of my dream about when the ice melts a bit more and the Northwest Passage opens up for good (should be soon) you sail on over and pick me up on the East Coast? I'll pack dinner and we can eat on the way west.

Loved your thoughts on the culture of internet dating. I am hoping you release that world-changing novel soon; we sure could use it, and you sound sharp enough to pull it off.

I was (more than) half considering jumping into the fray of your sperm donor selection just to see if I could make the cut - but I don't think I could go through with it. That would guarantee that one of us ended up disappointed no matter the outcome, so better not to. But drop me a line anyway! I could use another cherry in my soda too.

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Talking about the moon, covers many topics, and many contexts, and also many points of view, but I always thought it one of the most beautiful expressions of nature

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I came across your blog via google when I was looking for a way to cover a corkboard with fabric. Thank you SO much for the step by step instructions. I am in love with my "new" bulletin board and will be sure to do this fun and easy craft again. I tried to do the buttons as well on my push pins, but to no avail, they didn't work. Do you have some advice for those? Maybe I didn't use enough glue? Maybe I should have used thumb tacks in lieu of push pins? I would love your advice!

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Just working through some notes on ethics and social networks and I thought I'd share the following paragraph that I've been working on - because it seems counter-intuitive at first.

There is a growing consensus that comments posted in social networks are not ‘in the public domain’ and that researchers should seek permission to use them. Researchers should also remember that because the internet is so readily searchable, they should avoid using literal quotes from social network discussions (in most cases) as this will potentially reveal who the respondent is.

In many codes of ethics and in a growing number of laws, the intention/expectation of the person making a post is important in determining what can be done with that post. In terms of privacy there are two issues. The first is that if a researcher has to join a network to see the post, then the person making the post is doing so in the expectation that they are talking to genuine members of the community, not to professional researchers or journalists. The second that is when somebody makes, say, 200 posts in their status bar over the course of a year, they did not have the expectation that all their quotes would be brought back together as a single corpus for investigation.

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Freedom of thought is really free. You navigate universe?

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Scary how, exactly? In situations like these, it can be useful to remember that not every woman wearing boots wants to spank you or fuck you.

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By always having to ask some male relative to drive you, you are not free to be alone or to go anywhere you'd like to.
I really try to see why you prefer dependence instead of independence, and I can't see the point.

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I would, however, like to emphasize a point I obliquely in that review. My primary criticisms are not aimed at Mr. Diallo whatsoever. He is clearly a very skilled photographer and photographic post-processor. His knowledge shines through despite the impediments presented by the book's truly awful design.

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I'm a straight atheist woman who always thought of the parallels between the two groups. Finding myself keeping my mouth shut on so many occasions about my lack of belief really made me respect gays who are not shy about who they are. I still don't have the nerve to say it most of the time unless I'm in the company of people I really trust. Anyway, that made me look around the rest of your site and there's great stuff here, thanks!!

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