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umm, it's called being a little punk, not wanting to wear appropriate clothes and possibly smelling like vomit and booze from the night before. That's kind of the point of being a messenger, never having to wear a tie (not even Avril style), and laughing at the people in slim-fit Brooks Brothers or Banana Republic biz-casual outfits. These people brought you timbuk2, which every Marina muppet and half the SF commuter world has chosen to equip themselves with (never know when they'll need super rugged floating bag technology to keep their docs safe!), popularized the messenger bag (vs. more common 'man-purse' label used outside the city), and this is how you thank them... I think you place a little too much stock in your own wardrobe tastes. As for the bicycle team people in their multicolored jerseys, spot on. Those guys should stick to the bright yellows and greens that keep them from being roadkill, and leave the jerseys for the French Alps.

Lava Lamp

Great comment Jake, my blog was mostly a bitch-fest due to a recent experience with a bike messenger but I have to concede that messenger bags have revolutionized both bike messenger and yuppie culture to a degree which might make their unique quirkness acceptable.

I do appreciate you backing me up on the bicycle jersey comment, there really is no excuse for their choices.

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