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Glad to hear it. Just finished reading yesterday's post and though, "bitten off more than she can chew" (esp. after reading some of the comments). Glad to hear that you found a workable solution to your problem. Good math (luck)!



Oh second "T," why do you elude me so?


i am shocked!

Michelle C

Hi there Amy,

One of my clients and his direct manager passed me on your blog details to reach out and enter into contact with you. Your project seems like a perfect fit for our client's wishes at this stage, would you be able to contact me to discuss this further?

Many thanks in advance,

Michelle C
Onkor Management



Why are you doing this? I'm not here to hate, so don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to understand.

First, I noticed that every blog you've written prior to yesterday's post has 0 comments. It's safe to assume that, in the blogsphere, you are relatively unknown.

Now if this decision is pure and genuine as you say, why make it on a blog where history has demonstrated to you that it won't receive very many views? It just seems counter-intuitive. You had no idea it would make it on the front page of Digg (which was the source of all your views). Heck, even today's entry has a couple orders of magnitude fewer views and comments than yesterday.

So if this is actually just your niche; your stunt for "making it big" in the blog world, I ask why? Reading through some of your other articles, you sound like a very well-written, smart woman with some.... hidden humor, for lack of a better word. It's hard to explain, but your writing has this "edge" to it that makes the reader continue reading.

With such a pronounced blog style, I wonder why you'd forever pin yourself up as "the girl who wanted to get pregnant" when you could have legitimately defined your blog in other ways.

On the other hand...

If this truly is one of your desires, my ask is only more prudent. Why do this to yourself? This comes from a brother whose sister recently had a baby. She was in school part-time, 24, got pregnant, and thought she would be able to continue her schooling, keep her day job, and support this child. Even WITH a spouse, albeit unmarried, she was wrong. A baby is a full-time job. Between her and her boyfriend, she still had to cut back her course load (prolonging her degree), lost her job and had to find a typical waitressing job (2, actually), and is stressed and struggling raising this baby.

So from the read yesterday, you intend to raise this baby by yourself... Do you really think you can lead the same life you are now, with a baby? Because I contend that you cannot. You're a smart girl, and so is my sister, and maybe being a male this is something I cannot understand. But why is this urge or this need to have a baby RIGHT THIS SECOND so overwhelming that all logic is tossed out the window? You aren't becoming infertile, your genes aren't going stale, and you have plenty more years ahead of you to find a meaningful relationship and partner to raise your child.

As beautiful and intelligent as you are, I find it hard to believe you cannot find a soul mate. Granted, I do not know you, so I say this respectfully; I personally think this is just a stunt for page views, which worked. But unfortunately you will now be known for this act as opposed to your well-written literature that you've been writing for months.

Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for writing on this blog though, I enjoy your writing.



My 2 cents if I may. You seem to want all the best for your future child. One of the best things you can do to ensure a healthy, well-adjusted, centered child is to raise him or her in loving marriage. Instead of putting forth this effort to find a suitable sperm donor why not try and find a husband/ father for your FUTURE children? With the plethora of dating sites available, not to mention some specifically geared for presumably high IQ people such as yourself, I am sure you WILL find a great guy in no time. Having a father involved with the child’s life is so much more important than fulfilling your “dream” at this time. Find a good guy and get married. Your dream of having a child will follow.
All the best to you.


I have to say, if you were trying to increase your blog readership, it worked. Your other posts were pretty interesting.

Whatever your purpose was, I can't help but post my information as well.

I am 24 years old, 6'1", 179 lbs. I have a BS in engineering and I am in the armed forces. I also speak Spanish and Portuguese and I am in good health.

It will be interesting to see how this experiment pans out. Good luck to you.


So what are you going to tell the child about their father? What kind of message are you going to be sending once you tell them, and if you lie to them, what does that say about your own belief in the ethics of what you're doing?


I wish you so much success in your endeavor, but fear so much for you in this process. Being a guy (but at least old enough to not get crazy from your post), I know that many many many guys will jump though hoops at the opportunity you offer them. Hell, many live their lives hoping the women they are with some night forget who they are or never contact them again afterwards. You offer a dream to them.

I don't find it surprising that you haven't found a guy to have an adequate relationship with at this point. My hope would be that you would before embarking on this course.

Having said that, you seem like an extraordinarily intelligent young woman who will likely succeed in making what you want turn into what you need.

I wish you the best in this and hope dearly that you screen for this extremely well.

Ship in a bottle


Thanks for the comment and the advice. I have spent the last 8 years considering exactly your points about what has happened to your sister and what having a baby would mean for my life and his/hers. That's why I have waited this long - until I got to exactly this point in my life - and also why I've been extremely careful not to get knocked up. This decision is not one that I am taking lightly.

Regarding your comments about the blogging forum, I guess I didn't really think about the fact that I'm not known in the blogosphere and was just hoping that enough people would get interested for word to spread. As for being labeled as the girl who wanted to have a baby, I'm not too worried about it, as being a popular blogger isn't exactly one of my top goals in life (unlike having a child). While I've enjoyed my blogging experiences and hope to continue to draw an audience for other points that I have to make, I'll still be happy if my baby goal is met and I can never blog again.

Thanks for your comments and insights.


Ship in a bottle

It seems like a lot of readers are having problems with the fact that I'm even giving the baby a chance to have a father (or related issues). Please do not think that this something I haven't considered. The bottom line is that ANYTHING is possible, which includes me finding a suitable husband/partner for raising the child. I recognize that. However, I've made the decision to enter into this process with control over as many variables as possible. This isn't a situation where I'm getting knocked up during a one night stand and suddenly have to change my life due to an unfortunate accident. I'm taking as many precautions as possible to ensure this baby's happiness and success in life, as well as my own through this process.

ms v

I must say, kudos on getting your 15 minutes! enjoy it girl, it won't last long.
I guess we'll see in about 9 or 10 months wether or not this was just a social experiment/cry for attention, or if it was real. if anybody still cares, that is.
I sincerely hope you're just trying to get attention. If not, I feel sorry for you and for your future baby. That kid is going to have problems without a father, and you obviously have a few of your own (if this is real lol)


I have my doubts. Article could be spawned by the following. It's in the air, people

Women consider 'friends as fathers'

Survey says that women would have a baby with a friend if they couldn't find the right one. You may be second choice:

Good luck to whatever other "parents" get involved


When are you going to start contacting potential candidates? Also, are you only able to see the email addresses of people who use TypePad or anyone who fills in the field?

Ship in a bottle

Potential donors are being contacted today, and I'll continue to screen applicants until I have about 15 who I would be happy going with based on what I've learned about them to that point. Then I'll investigate further an compare those (approx) 15. The email addresses go to the network; they aren't posted publicly. If you volunteer, no one will have to know that it's you.

Max Altman

My original post ( had a different email address than this post. Use the one with this post if you're going to write an email.

Paulo Leandro

Olá Amy, meu nome é Paulo, sou brasileiro e quero me candidatar para se seu doador de esperma. Me escreva. beijos



I'm sure that you're excited about the possibilities of your endeavor. If you're not completely certain of your choices so far, let me know if you're open to taking another candidate.

I'm a young guy and I come from a good family. I'm brainy, but cool.

If you send me an email, I'll send you some information about me, links, and photos.


I tried to send you something, a few paragraphs and a picture, but it bounced back, did you get it?


If u need a variety from Brazil...Just tell me...I will be ready...


I think your an idiot, Basically seriously your a fake slut that just wants attention and scientist.....? wow you know so much but your an idiot for even considering this and dont even state much on what negative and smart impact others are replying.


Olá Amy!
Posso te ajudar...



I was thoroughly interested in these stories of yours. Now I'm not here to judge you, however I was a bit curious about a faint thread that seems to permeate your posts. I'm going to assume these were done on the level and I hope you don't mind me asking, but would you mind telling me what his name was?

Goldfish's brother

Yeah, I'm Erika's brother from the UK, and I just saw this in the Daily, ol' chap. Oh, btw, I will totally be your donor, and I'm sure you've met Erika so you know what my genes look like as is. Well, gotta run and catch the Underground. Cheerio! Oh and tell Erika I took her amp, Mom said i could.

Goldfish's brother

Oh and all these blokes commenting on here are redonkulous. Like, really.

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