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I'm sorry to bother you again, but I'm getting bounce back emails, did you receive it? ~Daniel


Hey Amy.
I just saw your post today. I wanna be the guy that will help you out. Mail me for more info. Bye

Clayton L L

gostaria de fazer parte dessa sua seleção de espermas se quiser me conhecer melhor ver fotos etc... só responder este e-mail....


my baby futuro que te agurda


I posted before but indeed so want to impregnate you i have to post again, no matter what the trolls might say

Here's my pic - i'm half Croat with a bit of Europe from everywhere


Amy. I´ve tried to send you a message, but I always get a message that i can´t send to GSBN group because i´m not on it. Do you have another e-mail?

José Antonio Costa

Olá Amy...
Sou Brasileiro...
e achei mto interessante sua iniciativa...
Sou um virtual candidato...
No link acima está meu perfil no Orkut...


Hi friend Amy,
I think that is interesting what are you looking for. Send me your email, than I'll send you all informations that you need in your request. I live in South America, thank you.
Good luck for you.


You've got to be kidding. You're gorgeous and young, and you have plenty of time to have kids. Enjoy your time being single, before you know it you'll be having babies and wishing you were still single.

Josh Harper

One doesn't need to procreate to become a mother. Consider adoption or fostering a child.

Conception is the easy part.

John Duong

Want a good looking baby? Talk to me. Want a smart baby? Talk to me. get a facebook account and contact me here:

I go to NJIT if that link doesnt work. Just look for me: John Duong


What are you trying to do woman? Court the devil?

Brokering for seed and anonymity is hardly a novel idea, and should be reserved for those who can fully accept what the end result will be. Clearly you cannot.

Whatever you do in life, never exceed your capacity to be human, or you may find out what bait feels like without a hook.


Hi Amy! I am Brazilian guy and I am willing to donate, just do not know how to send it.

Taco Bandeira

hi - how r u ?
My name is Taco Bandeira i'm brazilian have 26, have a good family (if u know my family,i present to u) nice person like talk and sport.
I think - i'm a real guy do this, now u have to think and dicide about.

hugs and big kiss


Taco Bandeira

Ernesto Wagner (Brasil)

Hi Amy;
I tell you I enjoyed your temper and you really want to be happy in everything in your life with the grace of God.
Want to stay in touch with you kiss and be happy.

iuri carlos

if you want my candidate ...
'm from Brazil, got 22 years, studying information systems!

my email is

Photocasting is my / cremogema_hc

when you send email to me put the title



desejo me candidatar ..
sou do brasil
vou te passar apenas meu fotolog e meu email
caso se interesse falo mais sobre mim !!!



I want to run ..
'm from Brazil
let me just spend my email and my Photocasting
if interest talk more about me! / cremogema_hc



The anonymous donorship of sperm amd egg is a a dangerous ideal to promote because there are thirty-seven inherited diseaes in newborns that need the two biological parents on hand for check-ups and/or cures. I know this may not be what people want to hear - but someone statistically will be born unlucky.

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