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I don't understand how a guy who spent five years in a VC prison, blew up god knows how many people, survived at least four plane crashes and has pretty much dubbed himself "Maverick" can get so bent out of shape over the possibility that Obama's lipstick remark was a double entendre. Half the reason we're supposed to vote for McCain is that he's such a bad-ass, but he's behaving like a 5th grader who didn't get his chocolate milk.

P.S. -- To the author of the post in defense of Palin:
Last month few in the continental U.S. knew the name Sarah Palin. Now, Americans have been tasked with deciding whether to place her in the second most powerful position in the nation in less than 50 days. This is a woman who supports teaching creationism alsongside evolution in public schools and is against abortion in the case of rape or incest. Her leadership experience to date consists of being the mayor of a small town and governing a state with a population smaller than San Francisco's. Gibson's interview was America's first chance to hear Palin unscripted and Gibson would not be doing his job if he didn't press her on experience. If her credentials spoke for themselves, I could see a charge of sexism carrying some weight, but Palin is the least experienced VP candidate in modern U.S. history and we are entitled to test whether she's up to it. If she can't handle three questions about her experience, how will she handle facing down Vladimir Putin?



I don't agree with her views on abortion nor do I know about what she does or does not want to teach in schools. I do know that if elected, she will not have the power to change any of those things herself and can only elect government officials who would make those decisions only if they ever reached the supreme court. I'm willing to take the gamble that its kind of a long shot.

What I do know about her experience is that she has reformed corruption in the government and greatly reduced spending. Her state has a surplus that goes back to the people in the form of money in their pockets. That's more than I can say for a Congressman who only signs his name next to other people's propositions and who wants to meet with terrorist supporting leaders without preconditions.

Regarding Putin, didn't you see SNL last week, Palin can see Putin from her house!!! :)

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