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something doesn't add up here... she seems hot! but is it just the picture? hmm, long brown hair, decent ass, hmm, no the picture seems okay. but she wants to get laid and knocked up? well, this is confusing. I'd have to talk to you about this to realize you're for real.

Domly Dom

There's no way the guy won't get burnt in the process. Are you serious? Donors, you will have to pay child support! Any agreement this chick makes will be voided in court. This will really come back to bite you on the arse.

J Random

What area of Biophysics are you working in? I will soon have to apply to grad school, so any tips would be appreciated.

J Random

Biophysics, sweet Me too! So What area of Biophysics are you working in? I will soon have to apply to grad school, so any insight would be appreciated.


I think we should meet to discuss whether we complement each other. I live in Brooklyn and work in the city. Wanna email me and we can take it from there?

Bob Fletcher

Do you do anal?


I think not having a dad / playing too much computer games really inhibited my emotional development, and whilst I have utmost respect for single parent / same sex families, I think it is best to leave it to chance and develop a stable family and home before introducing a child.

Also, having a child now also could cause problems down the line when you happen to fall in love somehow.

There's really no reason to do it now rather than later. Enjoy life without a kid because once you get one, it will most likely outlast you and you will never get a chance to be the person you are now, ever again.

fast runner

I run pretty fast.

It's impressive how fast I can run.

Call me.

Dana Hanna

You have no clue what you're getting into. A child isn't a trophy or some milestone that you need to reach in your life - it's a product of two persons coming together to produce a life.

Having two kids myself at a young professional stage in my life - I can only wish you luck with your naive understanding of a child. I'm putting on my calendar to check your blog again in two years. Something tells me it'll be a bit different.

Feel free to email me for some down to Earth, non-judgemental advice ;)


Clearly the logical side of your brain has taken over your every thought. You don't have to have a child this minute, but apparently you want to. Don't you think you owe it to your future child to at least *try* to have a father to help raise her or him? This may be a convenient time for you, but your decision affects the baby, which has no say in the matter. And as someone else pointed out, you're still quite young. With today's medical technology you have 10-15 years of safe child-bearing ahead of you.

Dr. Fibonacci

It is quite obvious you are making quite an experiment in its own right. Some sort of bio/social experiment?

Deconstructing your thought process through your blog, it becomes quite apparent that you are interested in more than just getting knocked up from your blog readers.

But why? You are hot, young, and by the records, at least have some sort of education?

This leads me to believe there is more to this story than meets the, eye, *cough*.

Your ethics of course, are questionable. But could it be a ruse to uncover the most elligible of a partner? One who may not take you completely seriously, but question you?

Have you ever read the book Island, by Aldous Huxley?

Surely, I would have sex with you, but I am not just a man with hearty seed.


Hmm, proud parent of 3 childrenm, friend to many divorced and single parents (including in my extended family). So experience is speaking here:

1) You will not be able to work from home with a child in the house/apartment. Even with a nanny (and why have a child if someone else will be doing all the raising? Get a puppy and leave it with a friend)

2) As indicated above, the father is liable, in all states. So any man who thinks this is free is sadly mistaken. Life throws curves, and "promises" tend to be forgotten when the chips are down.

3) At some point you have to deal with the "Who's my daddy?" questions, and "Why didn't my daddy love me?" If you think this won't happen I have some reality for you to borrow. My wife is an elementary school teacher, and all the broken homes give incredible amounts of emotional pain to these questions. And no, there is no good answer that your child will really accept.

4) Grow up. Get real. And stop being such a self centered fool. Find a mate, settle down and raise children as a couple. It really sucks doing it alone. And no, friends willing to help will not be there at 2am with a sick child. They too will eventually have families of their own to take care of.

Sad, really sad.


You got my email address now. Just email me and we can proceed from there.


I suggest that you adopt. If less people had children in North America there would be less mouths to feed, and resources to be used up. Think of how much damage one person can do in this society. Reproduction may be natural, but in this day and age we need to make sacrifices, not just fill our voids/time with cumbersome commitments.


Notes from a single mom:

I clearly don't want to father your child...

1. Kids rule. I had my one when I was 26, and he's a fricken awesome 6 year-old. That said, it was waaaaaaaaay harder than I thought it would be, both financially and emotionally. There's no way to be 100% prepared, but it's all worth it, if you really want it.

2. I thought dating might be an issue once I was a mom, but it hasn't been. Guys have turned me down because I have a kid, but they've also turned me down for being too tall, too arty, too silly, and singing David Bowie too loudly. Mostly, I've had my pick. My current boyfriend is the shit.

3. More important than anything else, even than the boy you pick to be sperm donor, or the nanny you hire for 8 hours a week, is having a father figure in place. Your kid is eventually going to want to know who his/her dad is. All kids want to know. If you *don't* know, or you don't want to make contact, you absolutely need to have some kind of emotionally attached man in the kids life. So fucking important.

The rest you just figure out, I guess. Good luck & FSM bless.


Sure, I'll do it. But, uh, where are you located? It's gonna be kind of hard to set this up if you're far away from where I am.


Are you "super serial"? I mean this is so damn stupid i can't believe this.
Ok think about this: What sane mind would go for this sort of thing!
Hit a sperm bank and be a responsible single mother or better change your environment and find the right guy so the child will have a proper father and won't be mocked that his came from ebay or some crazy blog-post!

Jason Vallery

As a product of artificial insemination, I would definitely recommend this route. They rarely use frozen samples and actually schedule the donor to be there during your insemination if possible (another room obviously). They do very rigorous medical screening on their donors to make sure that they baby you get will be as free as possible from genetic diseases (at least from the father's side).

ich glaub ich spinne.. lol... :)


Sounds kind of interesting. How much are you willing to try for this? How are you so sure your financial security will remain intact? You have almost a PHD; do you have trouble meeting responsibilities? You have access to the email addresses provided when commenting? Send an email with the details your original post lacks. Use /|\ as the start of the subject to make it past the email filter.


I didn't read carefully, but it doesn't look like anybody has just asked you out. Too busy expounding on their own thoughts, I guess.


Hi. I'm Sean. Want to grab a coffee sometime? Maybe some chocolate cake?


I didn't read this whole article but I saw an alright looking chick and also saw something about sex. I run a site called Regretful Morning, you can see my pic there - let me know when you're down to come get the dilz.


PLEASE let me have a shot at it, I'm quite worthy and fertile. I suspect I may surprise you as being quite a good match for you as well. We'll have to test the waters of course, but I really think we could do it. Hit me up and we'll trade some pics and life statistics.


This is hilarious and I only wish the best for you and your child. Way to take control of the situation and use the internet as it was intended. I can't help but feel this is part of some bio/soc study. And yet I can't help posting:

5'10" 150 lbs red haired liberal arts student

I come from fairly healthy and long-lived stock, only diabetes and prostate cancer run in my family (but not my immediate family)

Have fun and pick yourself a good guy


I'd not only be the guy, I'd marry you. Seriously. In engineering there's a saying, "good, fast, cheap, pick two." I've heard a similar thing about women, "beautiful, intelligent, and sane." You're really quite beautiful, and with a PhD and a JD you're obviously intelligent. Oh wait. You're fucking INSANE! Seriously this is a bad idea. You're only 26 and you feel like you NEED a baby already? You really have no clue about this, and without a father no less.

So, can I call you?

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